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Once upon a long ago,
where the universes collide.
One of them wanted to merge,
And the other one denied.

They were part-time lovers,
In a spiraling affair.
Captivated by each other,
Yet both had a huge burden to bear.

Nights turned to days,
spent in each other’s arms.
Exploring their bodies,
In the midst of havoc and qualms.

They still couldn’t stop,
his hands all over her.
She nearly destroyed herself,
under the spell of love.

But saner minds prevailed,
and gravity bent its rules.
To save them from each other,
the multiverse had to be cruel.

Pulled apart and heart torn,
she eventually found her peace.
Solitude is a gift from the Gods,
and Love is an overrated beast.

She sits by the window wondering about the seasons,
How one season never seems to leave.
The winter in her life began when she was little,
And kept her cold all throughout her dreams.

She set out one morning eager to find summer,
The whistling bells of the ice cream truck.
The funny laugh of her grandmother,
Rang in her ears as she tested her luck.

The frozen lake reminds her of her mother,
How they would frolic in the waters.
The emptiness of her broken heart,
Cries in the memory of the lovely summers.

She carries on and meets…

I am an average-looking girl, and, don’t get me wrong, I love the way I look. But I am not one of those traditional petite, fair, long-haired maidens who catch your attention. I am someone you might meet one day and then forget the next. I can easily get lost in a crowd. I don’t dress to impress, I dress for comfort, my comfort. I am forgettable, average, mediocre.

This is me now!!!

I am fine with looking average because I know myself. I have other strengths. I can hold a conversation, I have opinions, I have a unique worldview, I am ambitious and…

A story about the impact a group of professors created and how they overcame barriers in their own mindset.

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In March 2020, when the world was shutting down due to COVID-19, nine professors of Indiana University were on a Zoom call, figuring out how to make an impact and help people get through this crisis. Most of them were experts in Entrepreneurship and wanted to take immediate action that can create maximum impact. However, as the call progressed, the skepticism of working within the constrained environment of a University was mucking their plans up. …

And become a next-level Data Scientist.

One of our global teams at Omdena

Data Science is a hot field and will remain as such with new roles evolving. More and more companies are realizing that in order to stay relevant in the future they need to become data science organizations.

Great breakthroughs have happened with machine learning models helping to detect fake news, spotting diseases such as malaria, building inclusive financial systems, and many more.

But data science is also a very diverse field — not only in terms of knowledge but also in terms of people and domains. This very diversity of ideas and individuals can make it a huge success. …

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My eyes wander, they look for you
I remember when you first brought me here
I was just a second old, you abandoned me
To be raised by strangers

People around me were afraid of you
Wherever you went, bodies were rendered lifeless
You were meeting your children again
But they had forgotten their own mother

I see through you,
You are just a lonely mother
Who longs to meet her children, but dreads the same
Disliked by all, living in the darkness

Your sweet embrace is what everyone craves
But no one will ever accept it
You are the ultimate home for all of us
And we are just finding ways to not go home

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This thing inside me that doesn’t let me sleep
This thing that nobody can see
It was with me when I cried and almost jumped
It was still there when I laughed and got my first job.

This thing doesn’t leave me alone
This thing just keeps gnawing at my soul
I feel like there is someone inside my brain
Who is knocking at my skull to get out

This thing makes me feel like a nobody
Maybe that’s good sometimes
But it’s there always and I can’t breathe
I just want to say goodbye.

Keep calm and carry on

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The COVID-19 crisis is hitting everywhere and it’s hitting hard. There are two kinds of people right now — the first ones are those who are involved in healthcare directly or indirectly and then there is the rest of us. The onus of helping the first group out rests on our shoulders and the best way to do that right now is to stay at home and minimize in-person interactions.

But sometimes with so much going on in the world, it is difficult to be alone with your thoughts, feels difficult to even work. I feel pretty lost right now…

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It’s summertime in Canberra. The days are brighter, the nights are chipper and spirits are high. Exam time is over and it’s time to enjoy a long summer — almost as long as a semester, a three-month long summer.

Toad Hall — the hostel where I live, is livelier than ever. People watching movies everyday in the common room, having booze parties almost everyday, and just having pure fun. As I pass a hallway on the way to my room, I see a girl dancing . She looks like a younger version of me, when I used to be that…

Coursera is a great platform. It’s awesome for learning anything new, especially in Computer Science and Finance.

I completed a Deep Learning and a Finance Specialization in Coursera and I was hooked. The way they teach stuff is amazing.

But ever since I started my Master's degree, I have stopped using it.

Of course, it is pointless to do online courses when I am already doing, you know, courses. …

Tanya Dixit

I live to write and I write to live

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